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Tribute to the Heroes of the Pandemic

The work of the health personnel needs to be recognized by all of us

Behind The Mask is a social project which aims to raise our awareness of the important contribution the health personnel make to our society, especially in difficult moments such as the one we are living right now with the pandemic. What we are offering is a chance for all of us to recognize their work and to express our collective gratitude on the streets, on the web and through social media.

The project proposes a creative look at the situation caused by the pandemic and it does so using different focal points from the general to the particular. From testimonies and experiences of health workers to the patients, their families and the victims. From the succession of cold anonymous numbers (statistics) to the emotion of personal stories of struggle, drama and superation which we have all experienced together as a society.

People who have recovered throughout the world*

We would like to thank everyone who wants to participate in this tribute and especially all of those who would like to tell us personally about their experience living with Covid-19 in the past year. It is our hope that this challenge we share allows us to become better people and that society itself becomes a little better with our collective effort.

Quique Bassat, pediatra, epidemiólogo e investigador ICREA en ISGlobal
María Castellote, directora Centro Social y Sanitario Frederica Montseny de Viladecans

Through short video capsules we offer a platform for people to get to know the protagonists.

The message starts on the streets with portraits of our protagonists in black and white displayed on different advertising panels such as billboards in train stations and at bus stops throughout the city.

Find them, capture the QR to get to know the protagonists and share #behindthemask_life on social media.